At Cotswold Home Cinema we are fortunate enough to be able to call something that we are truly passionate about, our "work". The emotions felt when watching a film or listening to music are truly unique - something that triggers spine tingling chills for one person, will be different to that which causes the same emotional response in someone else. Who can say why we can be moved to tears by an image on a screen, or how it is that a single piece of music can make a scene more moving than it would be without the music playing. It's these individual responses to sound and vision that make our work nothing other than a pure pleasure. We combine over fifteen years of industry experience with expert knowledge, and a belief that intimate and involving cinematic experiences can be created in any space, within any home, to offer our customers unrivalled levels of service and ultimately, the most rewarding and satisfying home cinema experience possible.

We take pride in being able to call ourselves a family run business, with our focus being on providing a truly unique and personal service. Making the most of our idyllic setting in the North Cotswolds, we have created demonstration facilities that showcase just how easily a cinema room with all the latest technology can be seamlessly integrated into a beautiful family home. The most outstanding home cinema set-ups can be sympathetically installed into any space, within any property, ranging from contemporary new-builds, to English country houses, picture perfect cottages and stately manor houses. The same can also be said for commercial buildings, such as offices, meeting rooms and conference facilities, through to boutique hotels, brasseries and restaurants. Modern new-build homes lend themselves effortlessly to what the latest "smart home" innovations have to offer, yet even chocolate-box cottages and picturesque homes can also be transformed with the addition of carefully designed and expertly installed audio and visual elements, as is evident throughout our own Victorian farmhouse.

If you love to watch films and you're looking to have a dedicated cinema room designed, we will create a space that exceeds all expectations and delivers a level of excellence over and above anything you thought possible. The brands we have chosen to work with have been carefully handpicked and are the pinnacle of what's available within the industry. Artcoustic for example, are a Danish company with over 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing world-class ground-breaking speakers. They offer an award-winning range of speakers, which not only deliver unrivalled performance levels within their class, but also - in our opinion - lead the way in terms of aesthetics.

If listening to music plays a significant role in your day-to-day living, we can install a Hi-Fi system that not only looks beautiful, but also delivers superlative sound and will sound as good as if you were listening to the music live. The clarity and depth of sound achievable from relatively small, and discreet speakers is remarkable. Gone are the days when we think of speakers in terms of "bigger is better" ... the latest innovations in sound reproduction mean we can choose smaller speakers that fit effortlessly into any room, whilst producing the most captivating sound imaginable. And with the ability to have speakers produced in any Farrow & Ball colour, or personalised even further by having your favourite artwork printed on the grill, it's easier than ever to assimilate stunning speakers into any home.

Whether you are looking for a dedicated home cinema room, a discreet media room set up, or a high-end Hi-Fi installation, the initial stages of the design process all start the same way... We invite you to our demonstration facilities where you will be met with the warmest of welcomes, a cracking cup of coffee, and a range of different listening options for you to experience, where you can feel for yourself just how great watching and listening can be.

During our initial meeting, we would talk through what sort of design you envision. Together with our guidance, you would consider which elements of the design would be of paramount importance to you, and which elements could be negotiable - that is, parts within the design that are desirable, but could be altered and adapted if necessary, to make the most of the space and/or budget you have in mind. In addition, there may be some features that we could suggest that may be altogether new to you. That's where our individuality and design expertise come in to play - we have a wealth of experience creating beautifully designed rooms that deliver ultimate performance in every way. We don't work from the same blue-print for every project, we approach each new commission as a totally unique undertaking, allowing time at the beginning, and throughout, to explore everything that is important to you, enabling us to create a design proposal that incorporates everything you want it to, and (if we've succeeded in our own task!), even more than you imagined possible. As we progress through the design process it will naturally evolve, so it's vital that we work closely throughout, in order to ensure that your needs are not only met, but that they are surpassed. Our aim is to deliver a space within your home that is more than just a room - a space that becomes a place to relax, a place to enjoy, to socialise and entertain in, and most importantly, a place to create lasting memories in.

If you are thinking of having a cinema or sound system designed for your home, don't hesitate to get in touch. We guarantee you won't be disappointed.

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